Founded in 1996, the Howard Pitch Entertainment Company is a dynamic business dedicated to providing great entertainment and great value. Based on solid principles of absolute honesty, integrity, and transparency, HPEC maintains a focus on providing its customers with the best service, going above and beyond the call to ensure you have peace of mind. With extensive experience in the talent buying industry, as well a reliable stable of high-quality artists, we are devoted to making your entertainment dreams a reality. 


Howard Pitch, founder and CEO. Howard’s love for the music is matched only by his passion for the entertainment business.  With two degrees—one in accounting and the other in performance percussion—he is fully equipped to understand and deal with every side of the industry, from sales to booking to staging a show. His extensive contacts, built up over 24 continuous years in business, ensure a stress-free experience every time. 

Nancy Pitch, CFO and Office Manager. A former ICU nurse with an MBA, Nancy brings a unique background, and uncommon drive, to the Howard Pitch Entertainment Company. Her tireless effort keeps the company running smooth and your experience as easy to navigate as possible. 

Put the power and enthusiasm our team to work for you, and join the ranks of our satisfied repeat customers!

Howard Pitch Founder and CEO