Howard Pitch Entertainment helps you take the guesswork out of booking entertainment with their personalized talent buying service, the result of years of industry experience and building strong connections.  Howard Pitch Entertainment is dedicated to helping you reach your entertainment goals, whether it’s attracting gaming customers or filling your theater or event to capacity. Cost-effective and stress-free, it’s everything you need to book the perfect date in one dynamic package.

With business contacts throughout the United States and Canada, Howard Pitch Entertainment has established a Powerful Purchasing Network. Composed of satisfied customers and partners, the Powerful Purchasing Network allows you to reap the benefits of our experience, streamlining the process and saving you money.  It ensures that you attract the highest-quality artists, and that you get a quick response on any offer you make.  Our Powerful Purchasing Network allows you to aim higher and become part of a routing network of venues.

As "casino entertainment specialists", our ties to the gaming industry stretch back to the very beginnings of our business.  Early on we recognized that casinos are in the gaming industry, not the concert industry, focusing our attention on tracking artists that positively influenced gaming revenues.  Howard Pitch Entertainment is committed to representing your best interests in all negotiations.  Call us to hear about what we can do for your casino.