Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd has always been something of a maverick.  In an industry where careers are often decided in committee, Byrd has always held fast to his own creative vision and has never been afraid to take the road less traveled.

Tracy Byrd has over 30 charted singles since his self titled debut album was released in 1993.  Singles include: Holdin' Heaven, Watermelon Crawl, The Keeper of the Stars, Big Love, Don't Take Her She's All I Got, I'm From The Country, Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo, Drinkin' Bone and many more!

After taking a break from touring full time in 2009 to spend time with his family Tracy Byrd is now looking to venture out and hit the road again for select shows in 2017/2018 (mid-September through mid-June).